Car servicing: transmission and engine oil change, car diagnostics.


Vehicle engine, suspension, injector, gearbox and electronic systems diagnostics.


Injector washing, cleaning of nozzles, petrol injection system and diesel engines diagnostic.


Car repairs of any complexity.


Body repair, complete car painting.


Partial and full vehicle paint jobs, local body repair.


Additional equipment installation, vehicle alarm systems installation, wheel clamp, interlocks, xenon.


Tyre mounting: electronic balancing, tyre puncture elimination, wheels disc rolling.


We always provide the highest quality of service. You can stay in a repair zone and observe all working process as well as talk directly with to the master performing work and not only with the master inspector.


Many car owners think it is necessary to repair the car only when it breaks down. It’s not right. There’s its own rules on maintenance for each vehicle. Violation of these regulations can threaten with expensive repair and even worse - your safety and safety of your relatives. For example, untimely oil change or timing belt replacement in the engine can lead to its major repair. And untimely replacement of brake shoes or disks can lead to road accident. Therefore we watch your car and always timely warn about need of performing such works as:


  • • Engine oil change India
  • • Car filters replacement India
  • • Brake shoes and disks replacement India
  • • Spark plugs replacement in India
  • • Replacement of conditioner belts and auxiliary units in India
  • • Timing belt replacement works in India
  • • Brake fluid change India
  • • Coolant fluid check India
  • • Radiator fluid change India
  • • Car Air Conditioning A/C Services and Repair in India